(10) Windsor Elementary, 6700 Hyde Pkwy

I still have a $2,200 1600 x 1200 monitor that I bought in the 1990s and the discussion w/ da wife as to why we needed something “THAT BIG” to do CAD. The Diamond Viper shocked the community with its whopping 2 MB of VRAM. Micron woke things up with it’s EDO RAM (A friend I had tipped off after reading an article on that in Computer Shopper made 80 grand purchasing Micron stock.

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Cheap Jerseys china To be corrected within 45 days. Three compartment sink needs to be indirectly plumbed; leak behind soda machine needs to be repaired and area cleaned; particle board shelf in storage room needs to be repaired or replaced. To be corrected within 180 days.(10) Windsor Elementary, 6700 Hyde Pkwy.: Air intakes and ducts not clean; product marked refrigerate after open not refrigerated; blower cover in reach in cooler rusted and not cleanable; can opener holder dirty; outside ice maker has mineral deposits and needs new gasket between top and bottom units; hand sink rusted and not cleanable; no lights work in two reach in coolers; restroom ceiling tiles not correct type; ceiling tile out of place; no curb on service sink. Cheap Jerseys china

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